Boo, boom, bam, bam, paw!
Two cats and two dogs under one roof, grooving to cheeky rhythms! Their talent shines! Their chemistry explodes! Uzzuzu My Pet Friends shakes their body to the beat and rhythms. Boo the baby Bichon Frise who chews on everything, Tary the pretty Rag Doll Kitty, Kung the Event Maker Gold Retriever, and Ta the romantic Persian Cat with colorful facial expressions! They come in different breeds and personalities, but they become one in groovy rhythms, and their friendship blooms. But their instincts come alive when there is food...
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Baby bichon

Boo the puppy whose permanent teeth are growing.
He goes out to chew on everything, so his friends and their butt are always tense.
But he is such a cute white marshmallow who does more harm to our hearts than our body!

  • Breed Bichon Frise
  • Characteristic Chews on everything
  • Hobby Biting on
    where he bit before
  • Goal Chewing new things
Pretty ragdoll

Bling bling with powerful makeup!
Tary the blue-eyed Rag Doll cat!
Lovely, bam, bam! Cutie, bam, bam! She goes around marking her territory! All pretty things are mine!!

  • Breed Rag Doll
  • Characteristic Bam, Bam!
    Territory marking
  • Hobby Collecting pretty stuff
  • Goal Becoming a princess
Pretty ragdoll

Kung the happy dog who makes scenes and show everywhere he goes.
Blah! Blah! Your joy is my joy~

  • Breed Golden Retriever
  • Characteristic Blah blah
  • Hobby Studying how to make
    happy events
  • Goal Making the most awesome event in the universe
Pretty ragdoll

Ta the fat Persian cat who loves lazing around and eating.
He stores his stuffs in his fuzzy, long hair.
He got shocked when a pink dye exploded in his fur and dyed him pink, but soon started to play his ukulele and sing.
An easy-going cat with so many expressions.

  • Breed Persian
  • Characteristic Facial expressions
  • Hobby Playing ukulele
  • Goal Lazing around