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When you make inquiries regarding IP business collaboration, the company collects and uses personal information as below. Please read carefully and decide whether to agree or not.
Users have the right to refuse consent to collect and use personal information.
However, if you refuse to agree, advertising partnership services may be restricted.

  1. Types of personal information collected
    Company name, manager’s name, manager’s contact number (mobile phone number), email

  2. Purpose of collection and use of personal information
    The company collects personal information to verify the intention of the person in charge who requests IP business collaboration, confirm the identity of the person in charge, and prevent abuse of the service. Personal information is also collected and used to notify the use of information or announcements for the collaboration request. In addition, personal information is retained for potential conflicts that may arise in the future.

  3. Period of the retention of personal information
   The company retains personal information for 1 year from the date that the user agreed to the Collection and Use of Personal Information. The company also complies with the legally stipulated retention period should personal information be retained per special reasons under the Personal Information Protection Act.

  4. Disposal of personal information
    The company immediately disposes of personal information when the goal of its handling is deemed unnecessary, The period of its retention has expired or upon the request of the information entity.

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